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Ensemble Pegasus - Entre deux mers

Ensemble Pegasus is a professional contemporary ensemble consisting of danish and french musicians and composers. Together with AUT – Aarhus Young Composers –the ensemble is focusing on giving young musicians and composers a strong crossboarder alliance and network opportunity.

The project is called 'Entre deux mers' and the ensemble will work with the connection between new compositional music and improvisation. The main motif of the concert will be two compositions where improvisation will be used to create a framework and a context between the works and between the musicians and the audience. The audience will be presented to music and sound, as spatial physical phenomena.

Ensemble pegasus: Karl Naëgelen (F) – Composition Julia Robert (F) – Bratsch Jean-Brice Godet (F) – Clarinet Anna Jalving (DK) – Violin Frederik Sakham (DK) – Contrabas og Composition


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