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New works for solo violin by the composers of our time.

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DUO ( I, II & III)



DUO is a collaborative project between composers and musicians experimenting with the duo format. Anna Jalving leads the project and for each edition she sets up a new duo constellation as a base for the experiments.

"It has been a necessity for me to create an artistic space where instrumentalists and composers can meet each other as equals in the creative process.

The new contemporary music does not only belong to the composers, but also the musicians who play the works.

It is in this process of sharing and creation that we can really move things!" - Anna Jalving




Duo Sakham/Jalving are interested in moments where music, theatre and performance meet. Concepts stop and the moment is stretched out by physical and metaphysical impressions. In addition to interpreting modern composers, they create original works and shows. The boundary between fact and fiction is open, and across it, a new reality is created.

In 2019 the duo joined percussionist Simon Florin and composer Karl Naegelen in the creating of a new music theatre performance called Presence - A Performance which will premiere

in the fall of 2021.



Erhværv is a tango ensemble with avantgarde-ambition inspired by Piazzolla og Ligeti. Inspired by the european avantgarde and tango nuevo, the ensemble is experimenting and finding new musical terretory. 



Liéux is a contraction of the two french words lié (linked) and lieux (places)!
Liéux is music and sound art created in and for specific locations. It's a platform where different artists will give there contribution to what site specific art can be. Each project is its own world, but together they will end up creating a sonor map over the entire world. Each project can include other art forms than the auditive, there is complete freedom of expression. 


Liéux is directed by Frederik Sakham, but is working closely together with the label lydhør and AUT - Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere.


Duo Cyving is working with acoustic experiments exploring architecture in public indoor and outdoor places.


The duo is created by Lil Lacy and Anna Jalving.


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