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Music & Health: The Composers' Innovative Projects

Based on years of curiosity about how music moves a human being, Lil Lacy started a collaboration with music therapist Chris Lykkegaard at DemensCentrum Aarhus (DCA) to develop a personally-tuned concert for people with dementia. The collaboration took place through Music, Health and Care, a project process through the Danish Conservatory of Music and the City of Aarhus, supported by DJBFA.

During 2017-18, arrangements were made of carefully selected songs and created a concert form with dynamic development curve tailored to the citizens' needs at DCA. The events were developed in close collaboration between the musicians Anna Jalving (violin, voice), Frederik Sakham (bass, voice) and Lil Lacy (cello, voice). Since December 2017, the trio has played 15 concerts for citizens with dementia. The development of events and experiences with the concerts is continuously observed and guided by music therapist Chris Lykkegaard.

You can read the full article (in danish) here:


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