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I am very proud to present my project DUO I in collaboration with AUT - Aarhus Young Composers!

With the concert project DUO, AUT - Aarhus Young Composers present the audience for newly written music for violin in conjunction with another acoustic or electronic instrument.

DUO is a project for new art music, created and led by AUT board member Anna Jalving. The intention of the project is to investigate the duo format from the 'musicians' point of view'.

Composers and instrumentalists are invited into a joint creation process to explore the interactive creative process that occurs between composer and musician. DUO I will focus on the two violinists Sofie Thorsbro Dan (Denmark / Germany) and Anna Jalving (Denmark) and composers Adam McCartney (Ireland) and Karl Naëgelen (France). Between improvisation and composition, instrumentalists and composers together will create a concert that examines the unique sound of the historical instrument. DUO I is a study of what the two musicians and the two composers can create together while studying the 'creating' itself and perhaps come to reach a new understanding of the concept.

Sofie Thorsbro Dan (Denmark / Germany) - Violin

Anna Jalving (Denmark) - Violin

Adam McCartney (Ireland) - Composition

Karl Naëgelen (France) - Composition

The project is supported by Statens Kunstfonds pulje for Internationale udviklings- og netværksaktiviteter, Augustinus Fonden, Oticon Fonden and Det Obelske Familiefond.


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