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Conversations into a liquid state - Exhibition @ GlogauAir, Berlin

Sounds. Drops from ice melting. Drops hitting the paper bowls, creating a rhythm that soon is disrupted. A new one occurs. Then, other sounds. The musicians listen to the drops and respond with their instrument, finding a language. In the now, in continuous change. The light moves through the bodies of ice, and as the solid matter transforms through time into a liquid state, the exploration of sounds and rhythms unfolds.

The performance Conversations into a liquid state explores the dialogue between sounds, physical elements and space, through the interaction of three musicians with a temporary installation.

We invite each visitor to listen, to move. To discover a landscape made of subtle sounds, ice, bodies and light.


Anja Nedremo - saxophone

Marie Sønderskov - flute

Anna Jalving - violin​

Idea by Elsa Mencagli


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