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Picture by Eddie Jalving

Léger, léger, très léger
Un vent très léger passe
Et s’en va, toujours très léger ;
Je ne sais moi, ce que je pense
Ni ne cherche à le savoir
- Alvaro de Campos

The solo project will start with the creation of the piece Léger, léger, très léger

by french composer and my long time collaborator Karl Naegelen.

We will start the work in 2020 and it will premiere later this year.

Léger, léger, très léger is the continuation of the artistic collaboration between danish violinist Anna
Jalving and french composer Karl Naegelen. The piece is born from the shared conviction that
creation is nourished by a long-term artistic exchange and is all the more fruitful if it is combined
with moments of exploration and experiments.

“Writing for solo violin inevitably refers to the prodigious example of J. S. Bach's solo Sonatas -
this crazy invention of polyphony for a single monodic instrument. The possibility of being several
voices within one is a notable inspiration which will lead to new experiments.” - Karl Naegelen

Together with french scenographer Adèle Ogier they will stage the new piece and show the music in
a new light. As if music were a great thread to be deployed, crossing sound pearls of all shapes and
colors, heterogeneous textures turning into a homogeneous flow.

This is a study of what musician and composer can create together, while examining the

creative process in the hope of reaching a new understanding of the concept.

The work will examine the relationship between movement and sound and evolve around the
performers bodily relation to the instrument. The music therefore consists not only of sound/pitches,
but of movements and social interaction in its full meaning. The work plays on the contrasts between what can be perceived immediately and what is absorbed by the subconscious perception.

Anna Jalving – violin 
Karl Naegelen - composition
Adèle Ogier – scenography

Production by AUT – Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere