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DUO is a collaborative project between composers and musicians experimenting with the duo format. Violinist Anna Jalving leads the project and for each edition she sets up a new duo constellation as a base for the experiments.

DUO II - movement and sound

With the concert project DUO II, AUT - Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere presents the audience with newly written music for violin and percussion.

In DUO II, violinist Anna Jalving, percussionist Simon Florin and the composers Elsa Biston and Niklas Ottander will examine the story of what a duo is in the relationship between performer and audience and in the relationship between the two performers.
What is the significance of two people's movements when facing each other and creating a universe of sound, and what happens when this universe is opened up to the public?
With elements from improvisation and past musical references, the relationship between performer - composer, performer - audience and performer - performer is explored.

Musicians and composers are invited into a unique working process where everything can happen and where the boundaries are defined by the contributors. The duo format is placed under a magnifying glass, and the exploration of which elements must collide to establish something new. What does it mean to be two together and what significance does this have in our society today?

This is a study of what two musicians and two composers can create together, while examining the 'creation' itself, in the hope of reaching a new understanding of the concept.

It has been a necessity for me to create an artistic space where instrumentalists and composers can meet each other as equals in the creative process. The new composition music is not only the composers, but also belongs to the musicians who play the works. It is in this process that we can really do something!
- Anna Jalving

The work examines the relationship between movement and sound and revolves around the performers' bodily relation to the instruments. The music therefore consists not only of sound and / or tones, but of movements and (social) interaction in its full meaning. The work plays on the contrasts between light and dark, what can be perceived immediately and the subconscious perception. Our senses structure the perception and create unique personal encounters between the audience and the performer.

DUO is a continuing project for new music created and led by AUT board member Anna Jalving. The intention of the project is to examine the duo format from the musicians point of view by inviting composers and instrumentalists into a common creative process.
Through workshops, the two instrumentalists and two composers will examine their common sound and the overall theme of the project's first concert series. The composers can bring sketches, but the idea is that the music should be based on the two instrumentalists and be created in collaboration with them.
Between improvisation and composition, instrumentalists and composers, together will create a concert that examines the instruments' unique sound.



20.05 2019 19:30 PM // Vor Frue Kirke, Aarhus

21.05 2019 19:30 PM // Rundetaarn, København

25.05 2019 20:00 PM // Miry Concertzaal, Belgium

26.05 2019 20:00 PM // Walter, Bruxelles



Elsa Biston (France) – Composition
Elsa Biston is a trained clarinetist from the Conservatoire National de Région in Lyon, France.
In 2016, she graduated in electroacoustics at Gino Favotti and Philippe Leroux at "Ecole Nationale de Musique" in Blanc-Mesnil. Elsa works as a sound engineer and artistic director with a focus on new music at Radio France. As a composer she has worked with IRCAM, GRAME, la Kitchen, l'Instant Donné, Zellig, Spat sonore, Sphota and B. Carat. Her music is based on improvisation that creates a sound world from which the compositional forms and structures lead the music to higher stages.
Elsa resides in Paris, France.

Niklas Ottander (Sweden) – Composition
Niklas Ottander started his studies in composition with Hans Parment, Henrik Strindberg and Per Mårtensson in Sweden and is currently studying the Master in Composition at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen with Niels Rosing-Schow, Jeppe Just and Karsten Fundal.
Niklas presented a mini-concert at KLANG Festival in 2016 and has since been played at UNM - Young Nordic Music Festival, New Music for Strings and PULSAR Festival. He has received several awards for his compositions, including "The Swedish International Music Bureau's Award" and the "Alvar Kraft's Composition Award". He has worked with ensembles such as Ensemble Recherche, Avanti Chamber Orchestra, Quartor Diotima, Faint Noise, Esbjerg Ensemble, and Copenhagen Piano Quartet.
Niklas composes music that dissects elements from electronic music and presents it in a new context with acoustic instruments. Niklas resides in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Simon Florin (France) – Percussion
Simon graduated from the Koninklijke Conservatorium Bruxelles, Belgium with Gert François and Bart Quartier and in Liège at The Royal Conservatory with Gerrit Nulens and Tom De Cock.
Simon's passion for new music and musical theater was put into focus in 2016 when he was admitted to the soloist program - Advanced Master in Contemporary Music, which is led by the new music ensemble Ictus Ensemble and Spectra Ensemble. Simon participated in the Lucerne Festival Academy in August 2017 and often appears as a soloist with various contemporary ensembles such as Ictus Ensemble, Oxalys, Spira Mirabillis, Symphonia Assai, Ensemble Cartesixte and Les musicians d'Europe. Simon works daily with composer François Sarhan and in the ensemble "Vice Versa". Simon resides in Brussels, Belgium.

Anna Jalving (Denmark) – Violin
Anna Jalving is a Danish violinist and performer. She studied at the Academy of Music in Aarhus with Michelle Makarski and Mo Yi and at the British Columbia Academy of Music in Vancouver with Robert Rozek. She completed her Master’s Degree in classical violin in 2016 in Aarhus, Denmark. She participated in masterclasses with violinist Melise Mellinger, Saori Furukawa, Milan Vitek, Eugene Drucker, Alexander Zapolski and Concerto Copenhagen. As a soloist, Anna works in the field of contemporary music and has ambitions both as a violinist and as a creative artist and entrepreneur. In recent years, Anna has had the opportunity to work closely with composers such as Simon Steen-Andersen, François Sarhan, David Helbich, Line Tjørnhøj, Karl Naëgelen, Allan Gravgaard Madsen and Jeppe Ernst and with contemporay music ensembles such as Spectra Ensemble, Nadar Ensemble, Down The Rabbit Hole and ULYSSES Ensemble. Anna is active as a violinist and violist in various constellations and performs without her instrument when a piece requires it. Besides working as a soloist, Anna is the founder of the concert/installation collective DUO and a member of the ensemble PEGASUS and duo Sakham/Jalving.

She is an active board member of AUT - Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere where she organizes concerts and cultural events. Anna is currently studying at The Advanced Master in Contemporary Music with ICTUS and Spectra Ensemble at the Royal Academy of Music in Ghent 2018 – 2020.


Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere - AUT creates and curates artistic projects that focus on developing Aarhus' environment around new music and performance. AUT creates intimate and relaxed concerts and cross-genre cultural events, that also foster open dialogue, exchange and networking.

We want to emphasise the audience’s role in the adventure, and our regular events provide our members and the public with opportunities to hear new music in such diverse places as the comfort of a private living room, under a railway bridge on the outskirts of the city, or at one of the more traditional cultural venues in Aarhus.

The project is kindly supported by

Statens Kunstfond – internationale udviklings- og netværksaktiviteter, Politiken Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Augustinus Fonden, Dansk Solistforbund, Dansk Musikerforbund, SNYK – international transportstøtte, Danish Cultural Institute – Brussels, KODA’s kollektive båndmidler, Dansk Komponistforening, Aarhus Kommunes Musikpulje & Københavns Kommunes Musikudvalg.


AUT’s concerts are supported by Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Musik, Dansk Komponistforenings Produktionspulje, KODA’s kulturelle midler og Musikpuljen i Aarhus Kommune.

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